Introduction 👋

Konso provides a way to combine business events to technical signal, adding visibility to the health of your system.

The problem

Monitoring complex system is not a trivial task, especially if we are talking about enterprise scale. Having constraints, which every enterprise has, may cause significant delays in setting up a proper monitoring solution.

Additional complexity is introduced where every department (representative) is interested in different aspects of the data collected. For example:

  • As a business, you might be interested in concrete events providing value for the organization in order to make strategical decisions.
  • As a developer/architect/tech lead you might need to monitor performance of your application: metrics, error logs and so forth in order to make improvements and optimizations in the code.
  • As an IT/DevOps specialist, you might need to monitor the load of the system in order to scale it if needed.

There are a bunch of solutions to monitor your project from every level, but still it is very hard to get the entire picture and understand the correlation between various topics.

The Solution

We at InDevLabs developed a solution which we already use for our clients and ourselves to help us monitor our projects and speed up the development process.