A Bucket is a main logical piece of Konso data structure that is used as a set of chosen functionalities (apis, infra services). It helps you to organize your data in the most efficient way. You may need multiple Buckets for different environments (for example one Bucket for Staging, one Bucket for Production, etc)..

Project observability concept

The Konso API helps organizations to programmatically manage their business value tracking, logs and metrics. The metrics hub proceeds to collect, lookup and track performance of your project. The metrics are later correlated with the logs and value tracking to provide visibility on the health of the system.
The Logs hub collects, lookups and track log events from distributed systems which has the effect of speeding up the development process. When logs are later correlated with metrics and value tracking, you easily get to understand the meaning of each event in the context of business.
The Value tracking hub helps organizations and service owners to monitor their users activity from business perspective.
The storage separately, stores all processed data from the metrics hub, logs hub and value tracking hub and also allow data retrieval to be used for correlation among other uses. A detailed dashboard showing the collected data can be visualized using the Konso App which uses the Konso API to make requests to the storage making data available for display.

Messaging hub (gateway) concept

The messaging hub is tasked with sending messages from the development team through different mediums which includes email, messaging and SMS from different providers. When messages are sent, they take different routes depending on rules that are defined in the rules engine. The messaging is handled by different providers depending on the target environment. The route used during messaging is customizable in the Konso app which include, SMTP, SendGrid just to mention a few.