Adding features to your bucket

After creation of your first bucket you can add features by clicking Settings -> Usage -> Add feature button.

Value tracking

Our value tracking API helps organizations and service owners to monitor their users activity from a business perspective. Simplest dashboards of collected data is visualized with Konso App. With our API, you can also create your own dashboards and integrate them to your projects. An example is your backoffice application. It can help you to evaluate your project or feature for real business value.


Helps development teams to easily collect, lookup and track log events from distributed systems, which in turn speeds up the entire development process. Together with Value Tracking and Metrics, the logs helps you to understand the meaning of each event in the context of business.


Helps development teams to easily collect, lookup and track the performance of your project. Using correlation with Logs and Value Tracking, it adds outstanding visibility of the health of your system.


We help development teams to easily send messages to their users using popular email, messaging and sms providers, allowing message routing depending on environment and other parameters.